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  • I can say good things about Biden. I think Biden’s positions on most issues (except Israel) and his administration are fine.

    Hey, if we just ignore the ongoing genocide Biden unequivocally supports and went around Congress to supply munitions to…

    His policy is “fine”!


    Like, bruh…

    The only thing you specifically mentioned was the bad shit

    You literally didn’t say a single good thing about Biden, even when you apparently just put a non-zero amount of thought into coming up with a single good thing…

    That doesn’t concern you at all about the quality of candidate?

  • They played a clip while I’m waiting for the press conference, and honestly?

    This one wasn’t that bad.

    He realized it almost immediately, and came up with a rebound. It wasn’t a good recovery, but it’s better than him just wandering off after it.

    If it was a normal candidate we’d laugh about this one, and there’s a lot more important things going on.

    Quick edit:

    That being said I could have sworn this was supposed to start at 6:30, I don’t know if the Putin comment has changed anything, but he’s not coming out so far.

  • “For some reason, the African American culture has influenced most of the student body. How? In African Americans, they have a gene for the pimp walk, which is dominant. What is the result if you cross (student name) homozygous dominant Latina with a homozygous recessive Hmong like (student name)?”

    The question goes on to refer to the dominant trait as walking with a limp and the recessive trait as normal.

    The teacher also claimed falling asleep in class was dominant.

    And all the examples seem to be the same basic question, just different insults shoehorned in.